Friday, March 28, 2014

Crissy Carrots GN joined by Grace and Poise?

 Some images from the pencils for the Crissy Carrots graphic novel....

 Simone Grace and Daisy Poise will also appear via a back-up cartoon! Scenes below.... Actually, I'm not sure if I should include this here or hold it back for an actual Grace and Poise project.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Need your help!

   This image was done for a Baker Girl sketch-book, but due to bleed through I needed an inker for it. Jeff Austin rode to the rescue, and the results were so good I wanted some color splashed on it. Marc Haines gave it three color treatments of varying intensity. I'm at a loss as to which would look best as the back cover of my sketch-book. I favor the flat colors of the third pic, but there's no doubt the detail that went into the first pic is amazing. The second pic also looks spectacular, which offers a bit of shading. I like all three for different reasons. Which of these three do you think I should use?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yay! It's Spring!

Let's celebrate with some sketches drawn for a potential HOT SNOW sketch-book....

Friday, March 14, 2014


   These sketches were useless by reason of bleed-through caused by drawing them on the back side of other pages. That's fine for comic book pencils, but these were intended for a sketchbook I'm working on. Super-duper inker Jeff Austin rode to the rescue and inked these babies for me, and now they look fantastic!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Casting a 60's THUNDERBIRDS movie...

   Yes, it's a completely pointless exercise to imagine the production of a movie that was never produced. Let me start off by admitting to just that. While the teleseries Thunderbirds spawned two feature films (THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO, and THUNDERBIRD 6), a live-action version of the property wouldn't happen until decades later (and the less said about that mess, the better).

   Recently, I finally saw the 1966 spy epic KISS THE GIRLS AND MAKE THEM DIE, which starred Mike Connors as a secret agent out to uncover the mystery behind a millionaire's bevy of beautiful women. Said mystery holds the world in the balance, as you might well imagine.

   In the film, Dorothy Provine and Terry-Thomas essentially play Lady Penelope and Parker of Thunderbirds fame, complete with gadget-laden Rolls Royce! That made me notice that star Connors would have made a good Scott Tracy in a live-action Thunderbirds movie, and that got my brain cells to leaping....

   Thunderbirds was Gerry Anderson's most beloved and visible series to be filmed in Supermarionation. Being an hour show as opposed to half hour like his other "puppet" shows, the characters were much more developed than we usually saw. Casting them with period actors would be very easy. So....

SCOTT TRACY: Now, as weird as it would be to have that character minus Shane Rimmer's voice, I've already noted that Mike Connors would make for a pretty good live-action Scott.

VIRGIL TRACY: While watching CODE NAME "JAGUAR" I was struck by how perfect a Virgil Ray Danton would have made. Not only does he favor the puppet, but sports a similar deep voice.

JEFF TRACY: The patriarch of the Tracy family was based upon Bonanza's Lorne Greene, so that casting choice would have been obvious.

ALAN TRACY: For the youngest Tracy, I'm thinking 60's heartthrob Fabian. 

GORDON TRACY: For the aquanaut pilot of Thunderbird 4, I thought of one of my favorites: Richard Jaeckel.

JOHN TRACY: Nick Adams.

LADY PENELOPE: As noted, Dorothy Provine (although her English accent was questionable).


PARKER: Terry-Thomas didn't look exactly like the character, but after seeing the film I did, he would have handled the part neatly.


TIN-TIN: I thought of exotic TV actress Wende Wagner for Alan's girlfriend.

BRAINS: I suppose Wally Cox would have been the obvious choice.... 

KYRANO: James Hong in old-age make-up.

The HOOD: I think he was based on Torin Thatcher to begin with, so...