Monday, April 29, 2019

Crissy Carrots animation pencil test 2

   The first pencil test removed a lot of the intimidation I had for doing animation, so I jumped into a more elaborate test. It was to be even longer, but this sort of thing does burn through the paper reserves rather quickly. For that reason, this will probably be my last such test for a while. Flipping through by hand, the motion looks pretty good to my eye (though she does suddenly shrink right in the middle, and my compensation for that makes it look like she suddenly sprouts a couple of feet when she stands back up...). Of course, I'd have a better idea of how it looks if I can get someone to make a GIF version that runs 24 frames per second. Anyone?

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Crissy Carrots animation pencil test

   My first real (very crude) attempt at animation is this short pencil test, mostly to test the waters and see if animation is something I want to get into. This was done without any of the professional tools. No number sheet, no metronome, drawn on the wrong kind of paper, etc. Like I said, it's only a first test. My conclusion? Animation could indeed be a fun direction. I feel for in-betweeners, though! Now, if one of my more tech savvy friends could please put these sheets into a GIF cycle at 24 frames per second, I could see if I'm even in the ballpark here....