Saturday, September 17, 2011

Interview for Moonstone project

And I quote:
      All Pulp interviews Domino Lady vs. the Mummy penciller Rock Baker.

      This Halloween, Moonstone heads back to their monstrous roots with the Return of the Monsters   Comic Book Event. Return of the Monsters features four stand-alone tales of pulp’s mightiest heroes facing off against some classic monsters. One of those titles is Domino Lady vs. the Mummy by co-writers Nancy Holder and Bobby Nash with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin.

     All Pulp sat down with the penciller Rock Baker to talk about this upcoming book. You can read the full interview at

Direct link:
   Quite a feather in my cap, as you might imagine! Here are some preview shots.........

   Now you didn't think I'd show you the mummy, did you? First rule of movie monsters: keep 'em off screen until the right time for the reveal. Same thing for comic book fiends.

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