Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Godzilla vs the 70's

   It was a decade noted for the most hideous clothing ever worn by human beings. Disco made the scene, porno began playing in legitimate theaters, and inflation was on the rise. Young people thought of parties, but we were all going to die from pollution, killer bees, and a new ice age. Somehow, we survived the 70's, and the two countries hit by it worst were the United States and Japan.

   Although his films weren't everything they were in the previous decade, Godzilla still manged to enjoy popularity even as budgets became reduced to meet higher costs. Godzilla retired in 1975, still a champion. Due to their odd release dates, his films (often in varying cuts) played US screens through to the end of the decade. Here's a round up of some ad art for the Big Blue Dinosaur's last great era.

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