Monday, April 7, 2014

R.I.P. Mickey Rooney

   Mickey Rooney is passed at the age of 93. He was without doubt one of the last of the screen giants, and his passing further marks the end of a glorious era in entertainment. 

   The diminutive dynamo got an early start in pictures, and beginning in 1937 played the part which would define much of his career, the juvenile Andy Hardy. Rooney would play Hardy in numerous sequels, the last coming in 1958! A fine character actor, Rooney would also star in a string of gripping suspense and crime dramas like QUICKSAND, THE STRIP, and BABY FACE NELSON, in which he played the title role. 

   As he grew older, he continued to find steady work, including several roles with the Disney studio. He did some voice work as well, including at least two turns as Santa Claus for Rankin Bass. His Internet Movie Database entry lists a whopping 340 credits as an actor! Charmingly, he still has parts in films that aren't even released yet.

   His personal life was also the stuff of Hollywood legend. He was married 8 times, first to glamor icon Ava Gardner, and was later married to Martha Vickers, among others... Reportedly, he was also a huge gambler and wasn't one to turn down a good drink. 

   His public persona has always been that a friendly, spunky, multi-talented man, and he used that to his advantage. He made a great 'every man' and when given a meaty character part, he conquered it. He's been in great movies, terrible movies, and everything in between. God bless you, and goodbye, Mickey, we'll miss you!  

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