Friday, March 20, 2015

RIP Ib Melchior

  Science fiction/drive-in movie fans have just lost one of the names we could always count on to entertain us. Ib Melchior has passed on.

   Ib Melchior was a writer who worked in books as well as television, but for guys like me he will always be associated with a string of delightful movies he worked on in the 1960's. These films were always colorful, thought-provoking, and were never boring. They also played both extremes of the science fiction genre. One one end of that spectrum was ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS, still hailed as one of the finest science fiction films of it's era. On the other end is REPTILICUS, a near farcical giant monster epic.

   Working as writer or director, and sometimes both, Melchior's films of this period are marvels to behold, everything we could ask for in pulp science fiction. His films are of the sort always enjoyable, and much missed. The sort they don't make any more. They were fun, and never did the audience the disservice of irony. They were the very kinds of films which got me interested in making movies myself. 

   While his major output hadn't been since the 60's, it remains a truth that he will be missed. The memories, the joy, the man has left us a legacy of entertainment never to be forgotten. Rest in Peace, Mr. Melchior. God bless you, and thanks for everything. 

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