Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, gang!

    In the 1600's, a small group of puritans fleeing religious persecution teamed with financial backers to establish a colony in the New World. Their deal involved a communal living arrangement in which all resources and goods were shared equally, a condition inspired by the exodus of the ancient Israelites. Arriving with little more than their faith, the Pilgrims found a barren wasteland under assault by a New England Winter. Nearly half of them died during that Winter. Come the Spring and some help in farming and hunting techniques were supplied by the local Indians. Things improved, but living conditions were stagnating under their chosen communal system. It was decided to instead allow each of the families ownership of private plots of land, with the ability to market the produce thereof. The next year found a harvest so bountiful that the Pilgrims set up trade with the Indians. Within that year, the Pilgrims were even able to pay off their backers. There was such abundance that the Pilgrims decided to celebrate in thanksgiving to God for His great mercy and help. The Indians joined, and the scene became known as the first Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has since become an official American holiday, and with good reason. From those humble beginnings sprang the most powerful, affluent, blessed, and greatest Nation ever established upon the Earth. Thanksgiving is indeed a very special day, and I wish yours to be as happy and blessed as possible. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. God bless, and the Lord Jesus be with you always.

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