Monday, May 29, 2017

A Quick Look: A VIEW TO A KILL (1985 - color)

   My favorite Roger Moore Bond adventure was his last one, A VIEW TO A KILL. This one finds Bond teaming with a beauteous geologist to prevent microchip baron Max Zorin from destroying Silicon Valley with an artificial earthquake (ironically, an earthquake once hit my area WHILE I WAS VIEWING THIS MOVIE, though it was so mild that I wasn't even aware of it until the next day). This entry features what may be my single favorite piece of John Barry music, heard as Bond rescues Stacy from a building fire. It's one of those genuinely inspiring, no holding back on the reality of it, moments of heroism. Tanya Roberts is the girl, and she's absolutely scrumptious here. A bit less dreamy is Grace Jones as Mayday, but she makes the most of her seemingly limited role. It's Christopher Walken who steals the show as madman Zorin, the casually murderous, brilliant superman the result of Nazi experiments at the end of the War! Patrick McNee joins the fun as 007's fellow agent, and the two make a great comedy team within the context of a spy adventure. Moore makes his final outing as Bond a memorable one, and finally gets a title song that isn't a breathy lounge piece as had been the norm for the last several films. Duran Duran's "A View To A Kill" may remain the definitive Bond song of the 80's, and was one of the very last things the group did before splitting up!

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