Monday, June 19, 2017

A Quick Look: A SCREAM IN THE STREETS (1973 - color)

   Here's one of my most unexpected viewing experiences, gritty exploitation cop picture A SCREAM IN THE STREETS. Imagine a mixture of Adam-12, DIRTY HARRY, and an X-rated domestic drama, and you'd be in the ballpark. Homicidal killer dresses like a woman in order to violently stab women to death, but the real story involves a pair of plainclothes officers newly assigned as riding partners. One is married and tries to go By The Book. The other is a bit of a lose cannon. Together, they ride the streets and get involved in various hold-ups and shoot-outs and grow to trust each other. Meanwhile, there's a sex scene every other reel or so -remove this material and picture would only be about an hour long. Despite the more base material woven through-out, A SCREAM IN THE STREETS is a surprisingly good picture. The writing is solid, the acting good, and the characterization is unusually strong. The porn elements aside, this is probably one of the better pictures I've seen in a good while!

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