Monday, April 16, 2018

A Quick Look: SEND ME NO FLOWERS (1960 - color)

   The combo of Rock Hudson and Doris Day was box office gold for several years. Their films remained popular on television for decades, and still pop up from time to time (though with nowhere near the frequency they did when advertised family programming blocks were more common). In SEND ME NO FLOWERS, Rock plays a hypochondriac who mistakenly believes he's about to pass on. In order to help wife Doris with the transition, he tries to find a replacement for himself and get him to fall in love with Doris, and she with he! This leads to some confusion on Day's part, as you might imagine! Tony Randall is Rock's sidekick, and his humorous, tearful reaction to hearing that his friend is as good as dead remains one of the most memorable bits. Day's title song will keep you humming for days. The parody of medicine commercials remains as fresh as ever, though there is direct reference to contemporary ad campaigns. Charming, delightful film.

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