Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Quick Look: SOUND OF HORROR (1964/67)

   With rare exception, dinosaur movies usually find an audience. Here's one of the exceptions, a film that more or less fell through the cracks after it's theatrical run -which itself was likely cut short because it came out at a time when black and white movies were beginning to be eschewed for color ones. A party of scientists discover an ancient cave, and what they think to be fossil eggs. Unfortunately, the eggs haven't turned to stone and soon a monstrous prehistoric beast is on the loose! That much sounds fairly standard, but another look at the title SOUND OF HORROR will remind you that the dinosaurs in this movie are invisible! Only seen in quick flashes, the absence of some solid dinosaur action likely scuttled this import with the kids. What's there, though, is a fairly moody picture with a more interesting premise than it probably sounds.

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