Friday, January 11, 2019

A Quick Look: NEVADA SMITH (1966 - color)

   NEVADA SMITH was a spin-off prequel to THE CARPETBAGGERS, although one need not be familiar with one to enjoy the other. Of the two, this one is vastly superior. It tells the saga of a young man who vows to track down the killers of his parents, and then methodically hunts them down one by one. The film's greatest asset is also it's only real problem, that being star Steve McQueen. Although he gives an amazing performance, the constant reference to his character being a youth just doesn't match his face (one might also raise issue with his being a blond, curly-haired halfbreed). Still, that's very minor complaint. Again we're served up an amazing cast that includes the likes of Karl Malden, Martin Landau, Pat Hingle, Brian Keith, and on and on. Reportedly, Alan Ladd was to be involved to some degree, but passed on before filming began. If THE CARPETBAGGERS was a tad stiff, NEVADA SMITH is an excellent motion picture. Worth checking out.

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