Friday, November 29, 2013

My Christmas wish list?

Because, as I've noted before, I just love an excuse to talk about movies. The idea for this particular piece is to catalog SOME of the films I've desired for my collection, but for whatever reason haven't been able to add them to my library yet. (Yes, one reason is because movies, like anything else in this world, cost money, but some of these titles being absent just seems rather strange!) I'm sure I'll get these films eventually, but hey, it's something to talk about! (And shortly after writing that, I realized this is actually nothing less than a Christmas wish list! Given the season and all, I figured why not go ahead and frame it as such.)

UNTAMED WOMEN -1952 cavegirl picture reportedly features that familiar -and as such somewhat comforting- dinosaur footage from ONE MILLION B.C. Also, if this the one I think I read about, prefigures TEENAGE CAVEMAN with a plot about a prehistoric world growing out of an atomic disaster. What it boils down to is, here's another 50's science fiction film I somehow haven't seen yet!

AGENT FOR H.A.R.M. -Mark Richman gets the all-too-rare chance to play the hero in this Universal spy film which was shot as a potential pilot for a teleseries. Richman plays Adam Chance, top agent of the titular organization, who protects a scientist and his deadly new invention from enemy agents. Barbara Bouchet is among the cast, and that right there is reason alone to get this one. Great opening theme music, dandy -if low-budget- espionage action. One of my favorite spy films I don't own....

THE GIRL IN LOVER'S LANE -After being mugged, a young man teams up with a professional hobo. They find a nice town, but there's a killer on the loose. Fine little movie.

THE REBEL SET -Criminal mastermind enlists a bunch of beatnicks to help him pull off a heist. Great cast.

THE STARFIGHTERS -Nifty action/drama built around pilots testing one of my all-time favorite jets.

THE TWONKY -Hans Conreid battles a living television set from outer space in this nearly forgotten -and by me unseen- 50's science fiction comedy. Had I not run across a poster for the film and one brief clip somewhere, I'd have doubts this film even existed!

EARTHQUAKE -All-star disaster vehicle includes Charelton Heston and O.J. Simpson before he turned killer. How is it possible I never got this one?

CONDORMAN -Disney superhero movie of some kind. All I've ever seen of it was those clips that were part of an long advertisement that used to come at the end of every Disney video tape. Looked pretty exciting, and the theme was certainly catchy. 

ICE STATION ZEBRA -I haven't seen this one in years, maybe 15, 16 or more. I want very much to see it again!

THE CROWDED SKY -Dana Andrews airplane disaster movie. That's all I need to know right there! Haven't seen this one at all, but would love to.

SPACEMASTER X7 -50's science fiction epic details reaction to a fungus brought back from space and  the hunt for a woman who is unknowingly carrying the spore. Noted mostly by trivia fans as featuring Moe Howard of the Three Stooges in a bit part as a cabbie.

PLANETS AGAINST US -Black and white (Italian?) science fiction flick from around 1960. Saw just a part of it as a little kid.

MUTINY IN OUTER SPACE -From what I can gather, the film has a fungus that continues to multiply and threatens to consume a space station. Similar in theme to THE GREEN SLIME, it would sound, but from a couple of years earlier.

REVENGE OF BIGFOOT -I don't know why, but I'm a sucker for 70's Bigfoot movies. This one was one of the last, from 1980, I think. Never saw it. Saw almost exactly five seconds of footage from the trailer on a Bigfoot documentary once. Looked right up my alley.

OPERATION KID BROTHER -Of all the imitation James Bond movies, this one may have been the most blatant. Some producers tracked down Sean Connery's brother Neil and cast him in a spy film playing the younger brother of Her Majesty's Top Agent! Despite the seemingly comical nature of the premise, this is supposed to be a straight-forward spy thriller. Would love to see it!
TO TRAP A SPY -First (?) in a series of movies made for British audiences by adding new footage to existing episodes of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Other entries include THE SPY WITH MY FACE, ONE SPY TOO MANY, and HOW TO STEAL THE WORLD. Amazingly, I was only able to get three of these (including the already mentioned HOW TO STEAL THE WORLD), by taping them from television. This particular film I saw thanks to a 16mm print Pop managed to get ahold of when I was younger. Great stuff.

KING KONG LIVES -Probably the dumbest movie to ever feature the big ape, filled with insanity and stupidity. Still, giant ape suit action!

BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER -1960 Robert Clarke vehicle has test pilot ending up in the future just in time for a revolt of sub-human mutants. I've seen the trailer a few times, looks quite nifty!

THE GREEN SLIME -I actually have a copy, but it has a glitch and I can't get it replaced because it was a dealer copy. One of the great happenings of this decade has been the widescreen release of this pulp classic from the Warner Archives. From the same people, I would love to get the widescreen release of FROM HELL IT CAME and CAPTAIN SINBAD (a 60's film featuring a multi-headed, fire-breathing hydra!).

STAR TREK -Paramount Home Video VHS release, episodes 4, 12, 18, 23, 26, 29, 30, 33, 34, 38, 45, 51, 68, 69, 71, and 72. With those, I'll have the complete series.

And on laserdisc, the original PRE "special edition" versions of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and THE RETURN OF THE JEDI in their widescreen forms. 

And a couple of non-movie ideas to cap the piece off:

1) Ever hear of Robostrux? They were an Americanized version of the Japanese "Zoids" which became more popular State-side about 20 years later. Basically, they were motorized battle platforms constructed like dinosaurs and having little gold-colored pilots. Not long ago, I came into possession of a couple of the Robostrux figures I always wanted, Raydox and Gordox. I'd still very much like a (blue) Terox and Brutox to round out the set.

Terox. I had one just like this as a kid. Very much want another.
 2) Although very pricey, there is a new artist's model that's been released in Japan which I have oft needed, and would very much love to have. It's called the S.F.B.T-3, and I can actually really use one.
Looks a tad grotesque, but very useful for proportions and odd poses.

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