Saturday, December 7, 2013

Old doodles and monster designs

I wanted so to grow up to make old monster movies, so my early artwork leaned in that direction. Designs for posters, monsters, and ad blocks were the order of the day. I couldn't draw women at all, and that's rather obvious now. In fact, it was to do this kind of thing better I learned how to draw the female form. The female form eventually stole my attention away from this sort of thing! 

Most of these were drawn with ink pens on whatever scraps of paper I could dig up.

The above pic was born of a conversation my friend and I were having, in which we dreamed up a spoof monster title: NIGHT OF THE PLATYPUS WOMAN. After considering it for a second, I figured the idea itself might fuel a legit monster movie. I called mine EYES OF THE SHE-MONSTER. 

Directly below is a monster design for an idea I wanted to call PLANIMAL! (Half plant, half animal, all nightmare!) Although the body looks okay, the face looks rather more 80's than I would have hoped, seeing as I was going for more of a 50's Paul Blaisdell kinda thing. I was young, what can I say?

And here's a rocket design and a robot costume for a project I'd considered.

And a mummy, because I wanted to see one with an exposed brain. (Yes, I know the ancient Egyptians removed the brains of their mummies, but this guy was supposed to've been mummified alive, as all good walking mummies tend to be.)

And here's a design for Bigfoot, done with a Sharpie.

Not sure why I drew this one. It's obviously inspired by Toho's Manda, from ATRAGON.

This one was for a short story I wrote with hopes of making it into a movie later. The story in question was called THE AMAZING INDESTRUCTIBLE CORPSE!

It's pretty obvious what inspired this one....

THE TIKI-GOD MONSTER was written for a book of short stories. My idea was to have fake movie posters for some of the stories. Here's a lobby card I designed. I used red ink to give it a more photographic look when reproduced in black and white.

Oh yes, HAND FROM OUTER SPACE! I never really had a story for this one worked out, I was just pleased with myself for dreaming up the rather iconic image of a hand reaching out of space and clutching the earth.  The first image is a newspaper-style ad block, and the second a more fleshed out movie poster idea. I may revisit this idea one day.

Last is a poster design for something called "PSYCHOUSE!" Hard to believe that title was never actually used for a movie! This one might have some life left in it too....

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