Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Quick Look at TV: EMERGENCY!

   One advantage to my folks getting a TV antenna is that they've been able to tape episodes of Emergency! for me. Emergency! was a spin-off of Adam 12, and depicted the adventures of the then-experimental paramedic operations in which medically-trained firemen would be instructed by doctors via radio transmitter how to tend to injured persons in the field. Gripping series, and it seldom sat still for very long. Field operations would cover every type of rescue from the fantastic to the ridiculous, and medical mysteries would keep the staff of Rampart hospital's emergency rooms constantly on their toes. And, of course, we would get glimpses into the lives of our various characters whenever they would have a minute or two to breath between emergencies. Top billed were Robert Fuller and Julie London as Dr. Kelly Brackett and RN Dixie McCall, respectively, but the show moreso focused on paramedic firemen Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto, played by Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe. Bobby Troupe was fellow staff doctor Joe Early, and Ron Pinkard's young Dr. Mike Morton was frequently learning as much as he was giving aid. Back at the firehouse, Gage and DeSoto had a friendly antagonism with Tim Donnely's Fireman Chet Kelly. These moments offered most of the comic relief, but the group worked as a perfect team when disaster struck and lives were at stake. Emergency! lasted most of the 70's, beginning in '72 and lasting all the way to '79. Several episodes were edited into TV movies/specials. All the drama of a medical, cop, and adventure show wrapped together into one fairly gritty package. Few punches were pulled, but it was still largely fine family entertainment.

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