Monday, July 24, 2017

A Quick Look: THE CADDY (1953)

   THE CADDY is one of the most popular of the Martin and Lewis comedies. In this one, Dino is a hard-luck case who returns home to his fishing family to find they've invited into his old room Jerry, the sweet-but-goofy intended of Dino's sister Barbara Bates. Jerry is the son of a legendary golf pro, but is terrified of crowds and thus never made use of this talent for the game. When Dino turns out to be a natural, Jerry schools him and they begin entering tournaments. Dean falls for society dame Donna Reed, but begins taking Jerry for granted on the rise to the top (also the plot of another Martin and Lewis picture, THE STOOGE). It's this film in which Dean performs "That's Amore" and the hit song would be forever tied to Dino -who didn't want to sing it in the first place, feeling the lyrics were too silly! Martin, of course, was a real-life golf addict. The pair also did a hysterical caddy routine on an episode of The Colgate Comedy Hour. A hit for the boys, THE CADDY was later a staple of television and home video. It remains one of their funniest films.

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