Friday, October 7, 2011

Godzilla, chick magnet!

   My brother ran across these shots on the internet, and they brought a smile to my face. Any day you can combine giant monsters and beautiful women, life is good. I thought I'd share.

Godzilla and his first leading lady, Momoko Kochi,
got along much better off screen, as you can see in
this behind the scenes shot from GODZILLA, KING

Godzilla's singing career never went very far, despite
his putting together this musical comedy act with his
Momoko Kochi and Akira Takarada

Actress Yukiko Kobayashi didn't have a very
long career in films, but she quickly caught the
eye of Japan's biggest movie star. Here they are
together on the set of DESTROY ALL MONSTERS

What I assume is a press party for 1968's DESTROY ALL
MONSTERS, to show off some of the spiffy new monster
suits built for the picture. But really, who was looking at the
monsters? Oh, I guess the girls might have been.

Baragon and pals from the same photoshoot


  1. So that's why your brother walks around in a Godzilla suit. Ask him for some pictures of him and some bikini girls!

  2. You don't find a lot of bikini girls out this way. Or at least I've never run across them!

  3. Hello, I am trying to contact your family with respect to the Godzilla costume you created for a photo project in New York. Could you please contact me at my personal email address -
    I would really appreciate discussing this project with you at your convenience. Thank you, Tania

    1. The Godzilla suit finally gave out and began to fall apart to the point where repairs became useless (in it's short career, the suit saw a lot of action). It was held together long enough to make a fan film for next year's G-Fest, but the bulk of the suit is now in pieces. The head was saved, but the rest has been slashed apart for use on another suit. If you wish, I can still pass on your email address, but the Godzilla suit itself is no more.