Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Man Has To Dream, Doesn't He?

   There are certain things men expect from the opposite sex. Certain men expect certain things, be they intelligence, innocence, loyalty, or what have you. In each male brain is also the image of an ideal woman, the girl we subconsciously, or consciously, keep our eyes peeled for as the ultimate expression of pulchritude. That one perfect female meant to be our mate for life. More and more, I'm finding my ideal is a girl who looks like she just stepped out of 1961. Unrealistic? Well, that's what makes finding the perfect mate a miracle! (And considering I, myself, already look like a citizen of the early 60's, it's not like I'm advertising for something different than that anyway.)


  1. Don't ever settle. I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. When I met the girl of my dreams I went after her. I'm not rich, not overly handsome nor famous in any way. Yet I was able to pursue, woo and win the hand of my Jackie!I believe their is a mate for every man out there. She probably won't come knocking at your door, although that might be just the way it happens.

  2. Very inspiring, Mark. Gives me a lot of hope!