Saturday, October 1, 2011

Published by Main Enterprises

I had been drawing for AC Comics for a while when my regular inker, Jeff Austin, helped me branch out. That first step was to draw for Main Enterprises (mostly to salvage some pencil sheets I had drawn for an abruptly cancelled project). Jim Main has helped me keep busy ever since, and he even published the first book for which I was seen cover to cover, the mini-comic SAY CHEESECAKE! Here are some things I've had published by Mr. Main.......

This image was used on the cover of Jim
Main's PRESENTS no. 4, featuring the
'super spy' episode of Betsy the Bookwriter.
Inks by Jeff Austin, colors by Marc Haines.

This was quite a thrill for me, as I had the
honor of being profiled in THE GALLERY,
a showcase title from Jim Main. Again, inks
by Jeff Austin, colors by Marc Haines.

This was a gag pinup I drew, and Jim Main
liked it enough to have Jeff Austin ink it for
the cover of his comedy title SHEESH!
Here's the original pencil version, by the way, which I
drew so I would have something to post on my then
brand new Facebook page. I've tried to post a new
pinup every working day since that time.

Here's a preview of an upcoming character
to be published by Jim Main, Sadie Six-Gun.
Inks by Jeff Austin. This strip to be in full

Finished art from the very first page of the very
first adventure of Betsy the Bookwriter. Talk
about a fun strip to draw! Inks by the Jeff Austin.

Here's a finished and lettered page from
Betsy the Bookwriter's spy story from
PRESENTS no. 4. Inks by Jeff Austin.
No Jeff Austin this time. This drawing for
THE GALLERY was printed as is!


  1. Betsy the Bookwriter is my favorite new comic book character of the 21st century!

  2. Why thank you, Mark! The strip is terrific fun to draw, so I hope more and more people enjoy reading it!